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Like other Galaxy devices, the Note 8.0’s lightweight plastic build might deter people who prefer ostensibly higher-grade iPhone-style build materials and who equate heft in their hand with quality.

But there’s actually much here to admire. At 8mm thick, the Note 8.0 is appealingly slim for an eight-inch screen-toting tablet. It’s also easy to hold in one hand and feels great. Support for the S-Pen stylus is a welcome addition to a Samsung tablet too.

Samsung Galaxy devices don't differ too much from each other - to the extent that it can be hard to tell them apart. And so it is for the Note 8.0.

Adhering fairly fast to the nature-inspired approach that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S3, the Note 8.0’s features rounded edges and comes in black, white, silver and brown colour options.

While the front offers a mostly matte finish, the backplate is shinier and there’s a silver strip around the middle section which is, of course, where you’ll find all your ports.

Also in evidence is the familiar rectangular home button that’s a staple feature of Galaxy kits. As are ‘home’ and menu’ buttons, in a layout that you’ll recognise if you’ve ever used pretty much any Android device.

As with the comparably sized iPad mini, the battery isn’t removable. That won't bother many, but could be a bugbear for power users.